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SAGE focuses on real solutions to actionable problems in rural communities—working with local partners, government officials, industry experts and stakeholders to develop suggestions on local agriculture, water and energy issues.

Successful industries that provide for and invest in better opportunities for their communities

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The agriculture and energy industries have developed jobs, opportunity, and communities in Monterey County for generations. Over that time, the county’s agricultural industry has become one of the world's most productive—earning the title: ‘Salad Bowl of the World’ for organic and non-organic produce. The county’s energy resources have been diversified to include solar, wind, and biomass fuels in addition to its oil reserves. SAGE advocates that a combination of innovation, smart regulation and collaboration can keep our rural communities and industries healthy and sustainable. 

Local people who want our communities to succeed today and in the future

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SAGE Monterey is a coalition of stakeholders in Monterey County focused on the long-term sustainability of vibrant rural communities. Our goal is to educate the public and decision makers about key issues and advocate positions that enhance the sustainability of our economic drivers in Monterey County.



Thought leadership, innovative content and reasonable solutions backed by detailed research. We collaborate with underserved communities to make today’s innovations, opportunities and resources accessible through our Access Your Opportunity Field Trips Program.


Working with local government officials, businesses, nonprofits and stakeholders to identify opportunities for cohesive, local solutions.


We identify and focus on issues that pertain to the long-term stability of our rural communities and economic drivers. Keeping a pulse on issues at the state and local level which may impact our rural communities.

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