Protecting Water Resources

It is more important than ever to engage on water issues in Monterey County. As local agencies deal with creating sustainable groundwater management plans and we have an informed discussion about water quality, our coalition is ready to provide policymakers and the public with our experience and facts needed to make hard decisions.

The Monterey County Water Resources Agency estimates that 95% of all water used in Monterey County comes from groundwater wells that 200,000 acres of cultivated land in the Salinas Valley. Assuring that there are sufficient quantities of good quality groundwater is the most important aspect of managing water resources in Monterey County today.


Supporting Energy Production

For 70 years, San Ardo has been a reliable and responsible source of local energy— working diligently with both oil companies and state regulators to minimize the risk of environmental impact. Our members understand the importance of the energy economy to fund vital programs in Monterey County like education and public safety.


We believe in integrating renewables like solar, wind and biomass to diversify our energy portfolio and ensure long-term energy independence. Most importantly, we envision an energy economy that empowers local residents—forming a model that is both environmentally and economically sustainable.


Sustaining our Local Economy

Agriculture. Energy. Tourism.  All three are major drivers of our economy in Monterey County. By working with county officials and being part of the planning discussions, we provide input at all stages of the process.


From seeking new water sources for agriculture, to opportunities for local energy cultivation, the coalition works with both industry and community to help develop sensible proposals that drive economic growth and stability.