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Agriculture Production, Crop Yields, Economic Benefits of Ag & more!

Our valley is essential.

Our local agriculture industry provides food to millions of Americans, generates large tax revenue for the county and local communities, and employs thousands of workers in the midst of our nation's economical hardship. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about why the Salinas Valley is so essential.


Newsom: Ag is essential

On March 19, following California Governor Gavin Newsom's stay-at-home order, the State Public Health Officer announced that our state's energy and agriculture industries constituted 'essential work.' We couldn't agree more.


The Salad Bowl of the World

Monterey County feeds our nation. It grows 61% of leaf lettuce, 57% of celery, 56% of head lettuce, 48% of broccoli, 38% of spinach, 30% of cauliflower, 28% of strawberries, and 3.6% of wine grapes produced in the United States.


Supporting the local economy

COVID-19 has hurt many small businesses and strained local government finances. Our essential industries such as agriculture, water, and energy sustain our community by providing much-needed tax revenue and countless jobs.


We need our farmers

While most of us have been stuck at home, California's agricultural workers are risking their lives to keep food on our tables. 


Recovering together

Our essential industries in Salinas Valley will help stimulate economic growth, provide essential products and services, and get our community back on the right track. This return to normalcy will require reliable and affordable food for our citizens.

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